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Explaining Our Product

There are obviously varying degrees of familiarity with affiliate programs among web marketers.  We have decided to assume that you know absolutely nothing except visitors often send you emails wondering when you will have an affiliate program.  We encourage you to read through all of our materials even if you are already an affiliate expert to gain a good understanding of our particular place in the Internet marketing puzzle.


Affiliate Programs 101 is, as the name implies, the basics of what affiliate programs are supposed to do.  If you're wondering what it's all about, this page is especially for you.


Your Three Options is a summary of the different ways e-Merchants can integrate an affiliate program into their Internet marketing plan.  Even if you don't choose our product, there is good information here for making an informed decision.


Our Program tells you how we implement our particular affiliate system and explains some features you won't find in any other affiliate software.


Pricing explains the different options we have for payment.  If you've investigated other sources of affiliate software, you'll really like this page.



If you need to know what it's all about, we're happy to tell you.



We want your decision to be informed, so we tell you about EVERY option, not just ours.


     Our Program

Of course WE think we've got a good offering, but

we think we can convince you too!



We want you to be able to afford our service or all our work was for nothing.  We think you'll find attractive options here.


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