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Welcome to has been developed to solve a particular set of problems faced by web marketers who probably already realize that Affiliate Programs could boost their sales.  The common obstacles faced by a website considering implementation of an Affiliate Marketing Program are:


bulletTechnical Hurdles - The website must be reconfigured to support the information necessary to manage an Affiliate Program.  Even if the Affiliate Program is out-sourced, certain technical changes and additions must be made to the site.
bulletFinancial Hurdles - There are two basic options for implementing Affiliate Marketing Programs:  use developers to add a proprietary affiliate system to your site, or contract an outside provider of affiliate software or an affiliate network to manage the program.  Either option has a starting price of five to ten thousand dollars and carries varying degrees of financial risk.


Our solutions to these problems were:


bulletOur system is "Plug-N-Play".  The technical resources required to implement our affiliate software are minimal and in some cases, not needed at all.
bulletOur system is affordable.  We charge a small up-front fee that covers our facilities cost and a monthly fee that pays for bandwidth consumed by your traffic and our profits.


But we didn't stop there.  In the midst of developing a sound solution for affiliate management, we also developed a sound solution for targeted marketing analysis.  Our Plug-N-Play interface allows you to do "Effectiveness Reporting" on your site to see how successful your site is with traffic from particular sources.  Our Internet marketing package is the most intuitive of its kind anywhere. 


Click Here to learn more about what our Plug-N-Play Affiliate Program can do for you and thanks for visiting us!



    Benefit: More Traffic

Recognized as one of the only effective ways to drive traffic on the Internet, Affiliate Programs have become standard fair on sales-based websites as the anchor of their Internet marketing effort.


Some non-sales-based organizations also use Affiliate Programs to get their message out by buying traffic from other websites.


    Benefit: More Effective

Getting a visitor to come to your site is only the tip of the Internet marketing iceberg.  If the content on your site isn't convincing to the visitor, they won't stay to consume what your site has to offer, whether it's products or information.


AffiliateController gives you tools to analyze the visitor's progress on your site based on the source of the traffic.  This allows you to tailor your marketing materials to your visitors with respect to their particular origin.

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