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How We Do It

We enjoy personal contact with our customers, so we've decided to forgo the usual online sign up.  We really want to make sure that our product is right for you and have a chance to answer ALL your questions before you invest a penny in our product.


There is, of course, the loss of the "get their money before they think about this" advantage of online purchasing, but we have always been a brick-and-mortar business with a commitment to keeping our name clean.  If our product isn't for you, we want you to know it BEFORE we have to prove our satisfaction guarantee.  It's a risky move on our part, but it's one more sign that we have a genuine interest in our customers' satisfaction.


You'll need to provide us with a few things over the phone to get started:

bulletA major credit card for payment.
bulletThe user names and passwords you'd like to use to access your Merchant Control Panel.
bulletThe URL of your web site.
bulletAn email address for your "Affiliate Manager".  This is where notifications of affiliate sign ups and copies of system generated emails to affiliates will be sent.  It's best to have a dedicated mailbox for this such as "", but any address that you check daily will do.
bulletYour company's contact information.


Please call 865.573.5299 to get started!




We're delighted to have you on board!  You'll find that making happy customers is our number one priority.


     What You'll Need
bulletMajor Credit Card
bulletUser Name
bulletURL of your site
bulletEmail address for an Affiliate Manager
bulletGeneral contact information
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