Do you have an affiliate program?  Let's affiliate software solution be the front line of your Internet marketing effort! and were created to give web sites of all sizes the power of an affiliate program and marketing effectiveness analysis without harsh up-front fees or programming time.


At a Glance:

bulletNon-network affiliate management system puts control over your affiliate program in your hands.
bulletAffiliate Software with Plug-N-Play back-end interface eliminates most (and in some cases all) of the need for additional programming in your site.
bulletUnique "Effectiveness Reporting" helps you correct snags in your sales content.
bulletAffordable and scalable for all sites.
Put this key Internet Marketing tool in your arsenol.











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This Site Has Three Purposes:  To teach about affiliate program options, to present our exciting Internet marketing option, and to provide an interface for our customers to manage their own affiliate software.  Although our option is the focus, the information you will find here about other affiliate program options may lead you to seek a solution elsewhere.  Our affiliate software is the very best option for many (perhaps even most) websites, but not all of them.  We want you to make the decision that's best for you, even if it means choosing another product.  Our staff of Internet marketing specialists is here to help you decide.  As with all of our other products, we will try to point you in the RIGHT direction, not just OUR direction.



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